File Uploads

The File annotation/attribute is available to automatically handle file uploads for your entities.

use Leapt\CoreBundle\Doctrine\Mapping as LeaptCore;

class News
     * @ORM\Column(type="string")
    private ?string $name = null;

     * @ORM\Column(type="string")
    private ?string $image = null;

    // Available as an annotation
     * @LeaptCore\File(path="uploads/news", mappedBy="image", nameCallback="name")
    // Or as a PHP 8 attribute
    #[LeaptCore\File(path: 'uploads/news', mappedBy: 'image', nameCallback: 'name')]
    private ?UploadedFile $file = null;


Mandatory options:

Name Description
path Path where to store files.
pathCallback Callback that returns the path where to store files.
mappedBy Class property that will be used to store the file path.
nameCallback Callback that returns a string that will be used to generate the filename.

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